Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How to Properly Clean Your Golf Cart

Maintaining your golf cart comes with the task keeping it clean so that it remains in top-notch working condition. Routine golf cart cleaning will also wash away any signs of rusting or rotting so that your golf cart will last for a long time. Here are some tips to follow when it comes time to clean your golf cart.

Remember the Battery

It might not strike you as the first thing to clean on your golf cart, but it may be the most important. Battery connections can experience a buildup of dirt, grime and corrosion. Regular cleanings are fairly easy and can be done with baking soda and something with bristles, such as a toothbrush. Also, make sure no metal is contacting your terminals before cleaning as you want to always maintain safety first.

Go Soft On the Seats

Many golf carts are equipped with vinyl seats, which are not very difficult to clean. A combination of water and a mild soap should do the trick, but make sure not to use too much water and soak the seats. Doing so could cause water to settle inside the cushion and that could lead to a buildup of mildew, which will eventually destroy the seats. Golf carts that are equipped with seat covers can have those covers washed separately and some can also be machine washed. Follow the cleaning instructions accordingly.

Mind the Wiring

When cleaning the outside of your cart, it is important to keep water from getting into the electrical system. So just don’t spray the hose on full blast for extended spurts. Get familiar with your cart and look for any place where electrical components are exposed. Be cautious of any wiring and wash around those places very carefully. Soaking your wiring could lead to high and otherwise unnecessary repair bills.

Remember the Clear Coat

Golf carts are very similar to automobiles when it comes to cleaning as each are made with a protective clear coat on the exterior. What that essentially means is that owners should not use any abrasive cleaning products. Waxing is also recommended and it is important to use a brand of clear coat wax that will not damage the exterior surface.

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