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Golf Cart Etiquette On the Course

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Golf carts used on the course

When operating golf carts, there are some unwritten rules of the road, even when those roads are unpaved. Here’s a look at some of the accepted forms of golf cart etiquette that drivers can take onto the course.

Stay clear of the fairways
A general rule is not to just cruise down a fairway in your rental golf cart in Charlotte NC. Another accepted rule is known as the 90-degree rule. Drivers are expected to drive alongside the fairway and then make a 90-degree turn when they come up to where their ball has landed, taking a perpendicular route.

Under construction
It is not uncommon to come across parts of a golf course that are being upgraded. When you see an area that is undergoing any type of repairs, drive around it. Your tires could damage some grass or turf that is in mid-construction.

Stay out of the sand
Sand bunkers can prove to be a problem area for more than just golfers. Not only is driving through the sand frowned upon, but it could also get you stuck.

Quiet please
Golf is a game of concentration, so remember to be mindful of other golfers while riding along a course. Try to avoid making any loud noises or pumping up the volume of your music.

Watch wet grounds
Wet ground is a prime candidate for damage due to the fact that the excess moisture causes it to lose some of its firmness. Tires could do a lot of damage to the ground when it is wet. Try to steer golf carts away from these wet patches.

Stay safe
More and more golf cart accidents occur each year, leaving drivers and passengers with all types of injuries. To avoid these issues, keep all limbs inside the cart when it is in motion, slow down on sharp turns, brake when going downhill, and try to always stay on the golf cart paths.

Stay behind
It is recommended that drivers always stay behind other golfers. Even when you are playing with another golfer who is walking, proper etiquette would be to never drive ahead and retrieve your ball first. It is also a danger to be way out in front of another golfer who is ready to swing.

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