Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Golf Carts Versatility

Golf carts have made their way beyond the golf course and are now being used in a multitude of ways. Here is a look at some of the professions and recreational activities that now rely on the use of golf carts.

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Maintenance Workers

Many maintenance and janitorial workers get around with the use of golf carts. It has become so popular that there are now golf cart safety training programs for many maintenance and janitorial workers across the country. These training programs generally include operator training, operational procedures, safety policies and procedures in addition to much more.

College Campus Security

College campuses and even business campuses have turned to golf carts as a way for their security to navigate and patrol the premises. In fact, many of the college campuses that have proven to be safer are ones that employ the use of security golf carts. As a marketing strategy to prospective students, more colleges are promoting their use of security-driven golf carts as a way to show that their students are well protected.

Park and Forestry Services

It is not your normal golf cart that is operated by members of various park and forestry services. These golf carts are designed to go off road and fit into tighter places where vehicles cannot. Citizens are also able to operate golf carts in various state parks as each one adheres to its own set of rules and regulations regarding off road vehicles.

Sporting Events

Major and even smaller sporting events now employ the use of golf carts. Sports teams often use a golf cart as a way of transporting their mascots around. Inside a sporting event, golf carts help older or disabled people find their seats. There is also a widespread usage of golf carts among crowds gathering outside a sporting event as it is an easy way to travel through large groups of people.


Special needs passengers can benefit from airport golf carts, which are intended to make the flying process much easier. Many times, all air travelers need to do is call ahead and reserve a golf cart that will take them from the entrance through the security check, all the way up to their gate.

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