Thursday, November 8, 2018

Getting familiar with your golf cart

Golf carts serve a variety of purposes and no matter what reason you have for owning your very own, it’s important to know the ins and outs. That means getting familiar with all the important terms and parts associated with a golf cart. This plays a huge part when it comes to buying, maintaining and servicing your golf cart in Charlotte.

Certain terms are pretty self-explanatory, but something like curb weight carries a different meaning. Curb weight is a term used to define the overall weight of the cart that is equipped with all the standard equipment. That includes a full tank of gas along with all the other necessary fluids, but it does not include any type of cargo. Dry weight is the term that refers to the weight of a car without any fluids or fuel.

Golf cart sales all require the buyer to choose an electronic or gas-powered cart. Electronic cars obviously have some different features and one of those is a controller. This is an important component because it makes it possible for power to travel from the battery to motor.

Some electronic carts are called NEVs, which stands for Neighborhood Electronic Vehicle. These qualify as low speed vehicles that are considered street legal golf carts. LSVs (legal street vehicles) are a little different in that they can be powered by fuels other than electricity. LSVs also require a top speed minimum of 20 mph.

In both electric and gas-operated cars, the wheelbase is the name given to the space that lies between the center of the rear and front wheels. And in carts with a bed, the cargo bed height measures the amount of distance that lies between the platform of the bed and the ground.

The drive system of a golf cart refers to the amount of wheels that receive engine torque all at the same time. Bore and stroke is another engine term that describes the distance traveled by the pitons in each engine cycle.

No matter what purpose a golf cart serves, it is recommended to obtain golf cart insurance. There are different policies that exist to protect drivers as well as their golf cars. A quick consult with an insurance agent will shed more light on the finer parts of this area.

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