Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Things You Might Not Know About Golf Carts

Some people may have the impression that golf carts are just slow-moving vehicles that transport golfers from one green to the next. There are more uses and facts about golf carts that many people do not realize. Here’s a look at some interesting facts about the golf cart.

Golf Cart Etiquette

When playing on a course, there is an expected level of golf cart etiquette that goes beyond not driving like a maniac. Always remember to stay behind other golfers. Wet turf is also a problem area as it can cause carts to get stuck, or cause the turf to tear when being driven over. Try to avoid these wet spots. Some courses have a 90-degree rule which permits golfers to drive out onto the grass to retrieve their ball. However, golfers are expected to turn onto the grass at a 90-degree angle when they locate their ball and are not expected to just cruise up the fairway.

The World’s Fastest Golf Cart

Some people decided to push boundaries with their custom golf carts. The world’s fastest golf cart has now reached a whopping speed of 118 mph. The record time was recorded in November of 2014. While playing on the golf course, most carts are equipped with a governor which tops out speeds usually around 12 mph. But the golf cart has now notched a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with a blazing speed of 118.76 mph.

History of the Golf Cart

Golf carts were first introduced in the early 1930's as a means of helping disabled golfers get around the course. It was not until the 1950's that golf carts were mass produced and began gaining acceptance among golfers. However, people not fond of the idea labeled golf carts as the ‘arthritis special' during that era. These earliest models had only one tire in the front and two in the back. Big changes would not arrive until the 1970's and 1980's when gasoline powered golf carts hit the market. This came with the addition in most cases of a fourth wheel as seen traditionally in today's models. Still being built with the choice of gasoline or electric powered motors, golf carts today are more versatile than ever.

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