Thursday, June 14, 2018

Golf Cart Etiquette: Safety First

A major part of golf cart etiquette focuses on safety. There are important safety measures every person should take when driving their golf cart as it will protect them and the people around them. Here’s a look at some safety tips that will help you maintain your golf cart etiquette.

Set the Parking Brake

Whenever you step out of your Charlotte NC golf cart, remember to set the parking brake. Neglecting this important safety function could send your cart rolling away and endangering everyone in its path.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Just because golf carts move at slower speeds does not mean they cannot do harm. Operators can also receive a DWI for driving while intoxicates as it is not only frowned upon, but it is also illegal.

Use Hand Signals When Turning

Not all golf carts are equipped with turn signals. As a safety precaution and form of courtesy, drivers should always use hand signals when making a turn. Also, keep in mind that turn signals are not always noticed by other drivers, so it’s a good idea to always use hand signals. Click here to view a Hand Signals visual guide from the NHTSA.

Slow Down On Sharp Turns

Most Charlotte golf carts for sale do not come with doors which makes falling out on a sharp turn a distinct possibility. Start to brake before making a sharp turn so that your speed is minimal and everyone in your car is safe.

Ride the Brake

When going down a hill, operators should always remember to ride the brake. This will slow the speed of your golf cart and not only make the ride safer for passengers, but safer for any golfers who may be randomly passing by.

Stay Out of Bad Weather

Golf carts tend to skid on wet surfaces and can also be susceptible to lightning strikes. When the weather turns bad, it is best to head for a safer spot indoors as there a number of things that could go wrong.
Staying tuned to weather forecasts and local alerts can help you and your companions have a safer, more enjoyable ride.

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