Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Process of Making Your Golf Cart Street Legal

Being able to drive your golf cart on the street offers convenience and excitement. However, it does not come without following a certain protocol. Here is a look at all of the areas that need to be addressed before your golf cart can be considered legal to drive in the street. 


When you buy a golf cart you will need the proper documentation, which includes all the pertinent information you will need to make it legal. There will be an ID number issued, which is similar to a VIN number on a motor vehicle. There will also be paperwork provided by the golf cart manufacturer which states its speeds. That is a requirement to classify it as a low-speed vehicle since that is how it will be registered. 

Safety Functions

Headlights are required as they provide safety at night, dusk, damn, and during times of bad weather. Taillights are also a must as they alert any vehicles travelling behind the golf cart of its presence on the road. Turn signals are another requirement, just as they would be in any other kind of motor vehicle. Seat belts are one more safety function that is mandatory. There must be enough seat belts for each passenger, which generally tops off at four. 


In order to be considered street legal, golf carts have to be equipped with side view and rear view mirrors. There also has to be a windshield installed, one that is durable enough to maintain the safety of the passengers while also providing clear visibility for the driver. 


Front and rear brakes are required and they must also be independent brakes. This will ensure that the golf cart will be able to stop on its own, without the assistance of another vehicle or object. A parking brake is also required to ensure safety when the vehicle is immobile. 

Road Rules

Certain municipalities and communities have restrictions on street legal golf carts. Check with your local branch and learn about any qualifications or restrictions that may apply. Also remember that you are expected to adhere to the rules of the road and can be ticketed by police just as you would be when driving a car.

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