Monday, November 13, 2017

Tips For Buying A Used Golf Cart

Not all golf carts are created equal and that sentiment rings especially true with age. That is why it is important to be in the know when buying used golf carts. Older model or used golf carts for sale can still provide a lot of life, although there are certain things buyers should look for.


Refurbished is a word buyers should really get to know. Many older model golf carts are refurbished and still run like new. However, other carts may not be modified as well. That is why it is critical to examine the level of refurbishment. First, ask for the extent of all repairs. Then, take the time to examine the cart. Grip the roof and give the cart a good shake. While doing this, listen for any strange noises. Also, examine the tread on the tires and try to find rust spots on the body. And be sure to check every feature on the cart while taking it for a test drive.

Brand names

Just as it is with making any other major purchase, certain brand names have more credibility. Some lesser known golf cart brands might seem to operate just as well as a more recognizable name brand, such as Yamaha Golf Carts. But think ahead to the future. If there is a need for replacement parts, Yamaha parts will be more readily available, making any repairs cheaper and easier.


One of the most common and costly repairs to golf carts comes with having to replace the battery pack. Various models can require anywhere from four to ten batteries to power the cart. Check the level of fluid within each battery. A number of dry cells in the battery means that it is on the decline. Dark battery acid is another indicator that there is not many miles left on that particular battery. Also check the battery connections and stay clear of ones that are corroded or green in color.

Wear and tear

A good used golf cart will not show a lot of wear and tear. However, if the previous owner beat up that cart, it will show. The seat upholstery is a good sign of how well a cart was taken care of. And carts that have been kept outside will generally have rooftops that are faded. The thickness of the rubber on the gas and brake pedal is another sign of just how much a cart has been driven. Also, be sure to check the brakes and the parking brake. Carts that pull to one side when braking mean that it’s almost time for some break repair. A simply visit will allow you to order the quality parts you need or schedule an appointment at their service center.

Carolina Golf Car provides professionally refurbished and used golf carts for sale that still have lots of life left in them. Buying a used golf cart at Carolina Golf Cars comes with quality service, competitive prices, honesty and integrity.

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