Friday, August 11, 2017

The Golf Cart Selection Process

The evolution of the golf cart has introduced a vast line of options. This mean purchasing a golf cart can become a lengthy yet fun decision making process. Here’s a look at some informative tidbits that can be used throughout the golf cart selection process.


There is no longer a reason to place limitations on golf cart sales. Prospective buyers can really have anything they want. These accessories include lift kits, stereos, upgraded motors, fender flares and more. Custom paint is also available as there is no such thing as a conventional golf cart anymore. When wading through the selection process, deciding on customizations is an integral step for buyers. What features, upgrades and accessories you want is an important question to ask.


Not all golf carts are driven on golf courses nowadays. Some are used in communities while others are used on actual roads. It’s a good idea to check the township laws regarding golf carts. Those buyers not looking to play golf will need to purchase a street legal golf cart. These can also be defined as low speed vehicles, which means the max speed is around 25 mph. Certain municipalities define street legal golf carts as ones that are built that way and not standard models which have received upgrades. Check out all the rules and regulations while also making sure that the street legal golf cart has the necessary functions, such as headlights, turn signals etc.


Being as though golf carts pose a threat to drivers, passengers and pedestrians, it is wise to purchase insurance. In the event of an accident, drivers could be held liable and that could lead to costly expenses. Some homeowner’s policies cover golf cart usage while there are also providers who offer the option of adding golf carts to an auto insurance policy. Furthermore, there are safety practices golf cart users should become acquainted with when driving. That pertains to using hand signals on turns, yielding to pedestrians, and reducing speed on hills and declines.

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