Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Golf Carts Are the Wave of the Future

Looking ahead to the future of driving, street legal golf carts are expected to play a big part in the world of transportation. Golf carts have evolved from being more than just a way of transporting golfers through an 18-hole course.

Some versions of golf carts are powered by electricity, which is a bonus when it comes to eliminating the need for high-priced fuel and it also contributes to a cleaner environment. The traditional name of golf carts is even being replaced.  NEVs (Neighborhood Electronic Vehicles) are rapidly gaining more popularity and becoming a more common term.

The use of golf carts is also expanding to more than just golf courses and senior living communities.  Golf cars are being used around the country as delivery cars and taxi services and are expected to become more mainstream as a type of local shuttle service.

North of the American border, many Canadian cities are becoming more densely populated and are seeking the alternative of either mass transit or smaller personal vehicles as a solution. In fact, small urban vehicles are perceived by many to be the way of the future in Canada.

Customizations, whether functional or purely appearance, have made golf carts something that can be very chic and cool. There are innumerable ways to personalize golf carts and that even applies to women. One look at social media sites like Pinterest will showcase hundreds of different golf carts for both women and men.

The bottom line is that golf cart use and popularity are both on the rise as these vehicles look to be the wave of the future.

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