Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Golf Carts Making Headlines Across The Country

Individually owned Charlotte golf carts are becoming more popular even throughout the country and this has led to a rise in media attention. Every week, there are more and more stories popping up involving golf carts and here is a look at some of the latest storylines.

Golf Cart Parades

The city of Port Richey, Fla., has seen some of its citizens petition the city for the right to use their golf carts on their city streets. This is a city by city law in the state of Florida, which grants each municipality the right to choose how it regulates golf cart use and what it defines as a street legal golf cart.

But the Port Richey residents aimed to show how inspired they are to their cause.

There was actually a Golf Cart Parade held on Easter through the Suncoast Gateway Mobile Home Park. However, that was not the only parade to hit the state of Florida as others preceded it in Homosassa, Ocala and at the Sun City Center. Even Disney's Fort Wilderness community has started its own golf cart parading traditions as you can see in the fun video below.

Dangers of Charging Golf Carts Indoors

There was a recent public warning issued in the state of Connecticut in the town of Old Saybrook, which has 450 registered golf carts. The Old Saybrook Fire Department has been called to several homes where carbon monoxide detectors have gone off. The cause has been over-charged golf carts.

When an electronic golf cart is charged beyond capacity, it starts to give of hydrogen, which is a flammable gas. Inside a home, there is no way for that gas to escape. The hydrogen gas is without odor or color and is unable to be detected without a device.

In response, golf cart owners have been advised to follow manufacturer’s instructions when charging their batteries. They have also been urged to ventilate their garages, if at all possible.

Golf Carts as a Shuttle Service

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6-seater golf cart
The city of Charlotte, N.C., now has a free shuttle service that will take people around the city in a golf cart. The service was launched Thursday, May 7th, by a company called Cruise Carts. There is no fare required by riders. The company makes its money through advertising as companies pay to have their logos painted on the outside of the cart.

These golf carts are not allowed on streets with speed limits over 35 mph. The carts are equipped with a lot of normal automotive features like head lights, tail lights, windshield wipers, seat belts and turn signals.

The free service is designed to aid foot travelers and is not intended as an alternative to taxi service.

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