Tuesday, December 12, 2017

How to Choose Between a Gas and Electric Golf Cart

When it comes time to buy a golf cart, there is always the option of choosing between one that is powered by gas or electric. There are pros and cons to each one along with some important questions that every buyer should ask before making a purchase. is here with answers for you!

How Far Will You Be Driving?

Distance matters when selecting a golf cart. The farther you drive on a regular basis, the more likely you are to choose a gas operated golf cart. The only thing you will need when driving long distances is more gas. You can even fill up at a nearby gas station. Electric golf carts will not travel as far without needing to stop and charge the battery. Owners who drive shorter distances are more prone to choosing an electric cart.

How Much Horsepower Do You Want?

The more horsepower in a cart, the faster it will go. Gas carts generally come with more horsepower and often qualify for upgrades so that your cart can move even faster. Electric golf carts are typically a bit slower. Having more horsepower can also help getting over steep hills so consider where you will be driving your cart when deciding how much power you will need.

How Important is Sound?

For obvious reasons, gas carts make a little more hum when they are running and are a bit nosier. Electric cars are quieter and a more popular option for people looking to drive them within their communities.

How Handy Are You?

Golf cart maintenance does not take much training, although gas powered carts are similar to cars. The engine has a lot of working parts that need to be maintained. Electric carts have much less maintenance required. The only real major checkups that need to be done on electric carts is checking the batteries and monitoring its water levels.

How Eco-Friendly Do You Need to Be?

Electric carts emit no exhaust fumes into the atmosphere while gas carts do. Newer gas models produce less exhaust, although some communities have rules about gas carts being used in specific areas. Those restrictions could also extend to parks and golf courses. Make sure you know the rules before you buy.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Tips For Buying A Used Golf Cart

Not all golf carts are created equal and that sentiment rings especially true with age. That is why it is important to be in the know when buying used golf carts. Older model or used golf carts for sale can still provide a lot of life, although there are certain things buyers should look for.


Refurbished is a word buyers should really get to know. Many older model golf carts are refurbished and still run like new. However, other carts may not be modified as well. That is why it is critical to examine the level of refurbishment. First, ask for the extent of all repairs. Then, take the time to examine the cart. Grip the roof and give the cart a good shake. While doing this, listen for any strange noises. Also, examine the tread on the tires and try to find rust spots on the body. And be sure to check every feature on the cart while taking it for a test drive.

Brand names

Just as it is with making any other major purchase, certain brand names have more credibility. Some lesser known golf cart brands might seem to operate just as well as a more recognizable name brand, such as Yamaha Golf Carts. But think ahead to the future. If there is a need for replacement parts, Yamaha parts will be more readily available, making any repairs cheaper and easier.


One of the most common and costly repairs to golf carts comes with having to replace the battery pack. Various models can require anywhere from four to ten batteries to power the cart. Check the level of fluid within each battery. A number of dry cells in the battery means that it is on the decline. Dark battery acid is another indicator that there is not many miles left on that particular battery. Also check the battery connections and stay clear of ones that are corroded or green in color.

Wear and tear

A good used golf cart will not show a lot of wear and tear. However, if the previous owner beat up that cart, it will show. The seat upholstery is a good sign of how well a cart was taken care of. And carts that have been kept outside will generally have rooftops that are faded. The thickness of the rubber on the gas and brake pedal is another sign of just how much a cart has been driven. Also, be sure to check the brakes and the parking brake. Carts that pull to one side when braking mean that it’s almost time for some break repair. A simply visit will allow you to order the quality parts you need or schedule an appointment at their service center.

Carolina Golf Car provides professionally refurbished and used golf carts for sale that still have lots of life left in them. Buying a used golf cart at Carolina Golf Cars comes with quality service, competitive prices, honesty and integrity.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Properly Clean Your Golf Cart

Maintaining your golf cart comes with the task keeping it clean so that it remains in top-notch working condition. Routine golf cart cleaning will also wash away any signs of rusting or rotting so that your golf cart will last for a long time. Here are some tips to follow when it comes time to clean your golf cart.

Remember the Battery

It might not strike you as the first thing to clean on your golf cart, but it may be the most important. Battery connections can experience a buildup of dirt, grime and corrosion. Regular cleanings are fairly easy and can be done with baking soda and something with bristles, such as a toothbrush. Also, make sure no metal is contacting your terminals before cleaning as you want to always maintain safety first.

Go Soft On the Seats

Many golf carts are equipped with vinyl seats, which are not very difficult to clean. A combination of water and a mild soap should do the trick, but make sure not to use too much water and soak the seats. Doing so could cause water to settle inside the cushion and that could lead to a buildup of mildew, which will eventually destroy the seats. Golf carts that are equipped with seat covers can have those covers washed separately and some can also be machine washed. Follow the cleaning instructions accordingly.

Mind the Wiring

When cleaning the outside of your cart, it is important to keep water from getting into the electrical system. So just don’t spray the hose on full blast for extended spurts. Get familiar with your cart and look for any place where electrical components are exposed. Be cautious of any wiring and wash around those places very carefully. Soaking your wiring could lead to high and otherwise unnecessary repair bills.

Remember the Clear Coat

Golf carts are very similar to automobiles when it comes to cleaning as each are made with a protective clear coat on the exterior. What that essentially means is that owners should not use any abrasive cleaning products. Waxing is also recommended and it is important to use a brand of clear coat wax that will not damage the exterior surface.

Carolina Golf Cars is your one-stop shop for new, used and custom golf carts for sale, golf cart repairs and much more. With an extensive line of street legal golf carts, parts and accessories prices, Carolina Golf Cars has you covered.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Add-On Features to Enhance Your Golf Cart

Not all golf carts are created equal. But sometimes, there are ways of upgrading your golf cart and bringing better functionality to it. This can be done with a number of add-on features and here is a look at some of the ways to improve upon your golf cart.

Off-Road Accessories

A cargo box is a great addition to any off-road golf cart as it provides the capability for more storage and hauling. A brush guard for the front of your golf cart is a nice addition when it comes to traveling through rough terrain. It is also a good idea to lift your golf cart to accommodate with any unexpected clearance issues.

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Street Legal Golf Cart Accessories

There are a number of features to add onto street legal golf carts, including a dash cover. There are also ways to make your golf cart more practical and that comes with adding a cell phone holder or beverage holder inside. There is even the option of installing a charger port so that your devices maintain plenty of life. Bluetooth options are also available.

Safety Accessories

Safety should always be a priority no matter where you drive your golf cart. Adding seat belts along with headlights and taillights will make for safer travels. A safety grab bar is also a way of ensuring safe passage for riders in the backseat. Safety decals and warning labels can also be applied to various parts of your golf cart.

Heating Accessories

Not every day is going to be a warm one. To compensate for a lack of natural warmth, electric heaters are available for mounting on the front of your golf cart. These work even better in golf carts that are equipped with an enclosure. Using it while cruising around the neighborhood on cool days or to create a nice place to warm up while camping.

When it’s time to purchase your next round of golf cart accessories, Carolina Golf Cars is your best option. This premier golf car dealership of the Carolinas also offers new and used golf carts for sale, plus rentals. Also specializing in golf cart repairs, Carolina Golf Cars has everything the modern golf cart owner needs.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Golf Cart Selection Process

The evolution of the golf cart has introduced a vast line of options. This mean purchasing a golf cart can become a lengthy yet fun decision making process. Here’s a look at some informative tidbits that can be used throughout the golf cart selection process.


There is no longer a reason to place limitations on golf cart sales. Prospective buyers can really have anything they want. These accessories include lift kits, stereos, upgraded motors, fender flares and more. Custom paint is also available as there is no such thing as a conventional golf cart anymore. When wading through the selection process, deciding on customizations is an integral step for buyers. What features, upgrades and accessories you want is an important question to ask.


Not all golf carts are driven on golf courses nowadays. Some are used in communities while others are used on actual roads. It’s a good idea to check the township laws regarding golf carts. Those buyers not looking to play golf will need to purchase a street legal golf cart. These can also be defined as low speed vehicles, which means the max speed is around 25 mph. Certain municipalities define street legal golf carts as ones that are built that way and not standard models which have received upgrades. Check out all the rules and regulations while also making sure that the street legal golf cart has the necessary functions, such as headlights, turn signals etc.


Being as though golf carts pose a threat to drivers, passengers and pedestrians, it is wise to purchase insurance. In the event of an accident, drivers could be held liable and that could lead to costly expenses. Some homeowner’s policies cover golf cart usage while there are also providers who offer the option of adding golf carts to an auto insurance policy. Furthermore, there are safety practices golf cart users should become acquainted with when driving. That pertains to using hand signals on turns, yielding to pedestrians, and reducing speed on hills and declines.

The Carolina's premier golf cart super center, Carolina Golf Cars, has the selection and experience to help customers buy the right cart for them. Featuring a large surplus of new and used golf carts for sale, Carolina Golf Cars and their team of professionals take the time to help each customer through the entire selection process.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Not So Commonly Facts About The Golf Cart

Golf Carts have been around for decades and there are lots of interesting facts most people do not know about this kind of low-speed vehicle. Here is a look at some not so commonly known tidbits about the golf cart.

Golf carts actually paved the way for the creation of other kinds of personal transportation vehicles, such as NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles). The low cost and easy maintenance were two major selling points, not to mention affordability.

Golf carts save a lot of time and effort. Golfers who use a golf cart instead of walking through 18 holes of golf save themselves a walk of approximately four miles.

The gas vs. electric debate has continued for quite some time. However, most experts believe electric golf carts are better for golfers or short cruises through a community. Gas-powered golf carts are considered to be the best option for longer trips.

Golf cart drivers can receive a DUI if operating their cart under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Golf cart laws differ from state to state, but causing damage while driving under the influence usually subjects operators to the same penalties they would suffer if they were driving a car.

The most common serious types of golf cart injuries are concussions followed by neck injuries. These injuries are brought about most often by hanging outside the vehicle or by putting the cart in reverse while going downhill.

Golf cart insurance covers a wide array of areas, including collision, damage liability, uninsured motorist bodily injury, and there is even the option of roadside assistance. It is becoming more popular for every golf cart owner to purchase an individual insurance policy for their cart.

Almost half of all golf cart accidents are caused by someone falling out of the cart. Turning a corner at just 10 mph is enough to throw someone from the golf cart. Every year, there are approximately 10,000 emergency room visits caused by golf cart injuries. It is important to remember that most of these accidents are avoidable if basic safety guidelines are followed at all times.

Carolina Golf Cars is the nation’s one-stop shop that provides every golf cart owner with everything they need. Prospective owners can also take advantage of the vast surplus of golf carts for sale at Carolina Golf Cars. When it comes to golf carts, there is no better provider than Carolina Golf Cars.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Maintaining Your Golf Cart

Like most vehicles, buying a golf cart is not an everyday expense as the process could come with a costly price tag. Regardless of how much is invested in a golf cart, it is important to keep it in proper working order. Here are some helpful hints when it comes to maintaining your golf cart.

Battery Maintenance

Maintaining your battery is an important part of keeping your golf cart running efficiently. However, be careful not to overcharge your battery since that could cause damage. Using an automatic charger is the best way to charge your golf cart battery because it automatically shuts down once the battery has received a full charge.

Monthly checking of the batteries’ water levels is extremely important to ensure that the batteries do not die prematurely. Always check and add to the water level when they are fully charged.  Distilled water is recommended by all major battery manufacturers.

Wash Right

Just like cars, golf carts are going to get dirty with normal usage. It is important to use an automotive wash instead of something like dishwasher detergent or an ordinary household soap. There’s a need to use some type of cleaner that is designed for an automotive wash. Waxing is recommended occasionally, but it’s a good idea to stay away from waxes containing abrasive compounds.

Other Monthly Checks

You do not have to be a mechanic to perform some important monthly checks on your golf cart. Check your battery for any sign of corrosion, which can be eliminated with baking soda. Air pressure in the tires should also be checked. There should be a reading of 18-20 psi in four-ply tires and 30-34 psi in six-ply tires.

Clean the Windshield

Windshields are generally made of acrylic or polycarbonate, although Windex should never be used on either kind. Stay away from using paper towels as well. A soft cloth is best to clean a golf carts windshields and it is recommended to blot a windshield dry instead of wiping it dry. There are also cleaners that can remove smaller scratches in the windshield.

Brake Cleanings

Brakes are integral to any vehicle, especially golf carts. Brakes should be cleaned twice a year. That means cleaning the cables, drums and pads. A low brake pedal or squealing noises are also two signs that it is time for brake replacement.

Golf Cart for sale North Carolina South Carolina

When it comes time to find the right parts for your golf cart, Carolina Golf Cars has everything you need. Whether you own a custom or street legal golf cart, there are plenty of add-on features to enhance its look and functionality. Carolina Golf Carts remains the leading distributor of new and used golf carts for sale at affordable pricing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Strict Guidelines for Golf Cart Owners

Golf cart operators are expected to adhere to certain rules and regulations, not much different from that of someone who operates an automobile. While certain rules differ from one municipality to the next, here’s a look at some basic guidelines golf cart drivers can follow.

While a license is not needed to operate golf carts, states have minimum age requirements. Most states require a driver to be at least 14 years of age and a handful of others have set that minimum age at 13.

Operators should also watch how much alcohol they drink before driving. In most states, operators can be arrested for a DUI. There have been numerous incidents all over the country in which drivers have been arrested for a DUI and suffered the same consequences as regular motorists. Simply because a golf cart functions at lower speeds does not mean drivers are exempt from obeying motor vehicle laws.

Basic rules should also be followed, such as no standing while the cart is in motion and keeping all riders’ arms and legs inside the cart while it is in motion. Failing to obey traffic signs can also lead to the issuing of a ticket. Golf cart operators in many states receive tickets for not stopping at a stop sign and some can even be penalized for not having the proper registration.

It is also important to note that most communities do not permit golf cart travel on its sidewalks. And when it comes to intersection crossings, golf cart drivers are expected to yield to motor vehicles as they have the right of way.

The bottom line is that golf cart owners have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules of the road in their particular municipality. A failure to do so could lead to more than a warning, but costly fees and penalties as operators are not immune to moving violations.

Carolina Golf Cars has something for everyone including a huge selection of street legal golf carts. No matter where you are located, Carolina Golf Cars can provide you with the golf cart you have always wanted.

Monday, April 17, 2017

How to Choose the Right Golf Cart for You

Buying a golf cart takes more than just going into a showroom and picking out your favorite color. To make sure that you get the most for your money, there is a recommended process to follow which includes the following steps.

Designate a Use
The first step to buying any golf car requires the owner to know exactly how the cart will be used. Will it be used strictly on a golf course or out in the community, maybe for off road adventures? Golf cars can be used for driving around neighborhoods, hunting, and even hauling equipment. Before you are ready to buy, decide exactly how you are going to use your golf cart. That will help you decide whether you need a street legal golf cart, utility car or a certain variety of custom golf carts.

Test Drive

Don’t just test drive for cruising purposes, feel how the cart handles. If it is a bit bumpy, then you may want to consider a cart that features an independent front suspension. Much like automobiles, golf carts offer several driving features, which makes for a much smoother ride. Further comfortability can be achieved with the addition of custom parts and accessories.

Explore the Options

Some golf carts for sale come with limited options. Think of it as buying a car without power locks, power windows or a host of other perks. More esteemed companies offer a wide variety of accessories, options and add-on features. Brands like this make it easy to customize your cart with a large selection of upgrades.

Know Your Terms

Factor in the cost of running a gas-operated car as opposed to an electric cart and be sure to inquire about a warranty. Also, contact your insurance agent to see how much it will cost to insure your new cart. Quality dealerships, like Carolina Golf Cars in Charlotte North Carolina, offer a great range of financing options to make buying your dream golf cart that much easier.

Carolina Golf Cars will walk you through the buying process, presenting you a wide selection of new and used golf carts for sale. Return again and again for endless customization. Our team will help you make the best choice to meet your needs with great prices and top-notch customer service.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why Financing a Golf Cart Makes Sense

An initial look at the price in some new golf cart stores may scare off some prospective buyers. However, the entire sticker price does not have to be doled out all at once. Golf cart owners can pay as they go, without setting themselves back financially.

Golf carts have quickly become a very popular item and depending on the model you purchase, it can add up to be a costly expense. Paying out of pocket for a golf cart is not always feasible for working-class families and retired senior citizens. Financing options are now available to help all different kinds of buyers get the golf cart they truly want.

Options for golf cart financing in Charlotte have become as customary as obtaining a car loan. Many typical golf cart loans come with up to 100% financing while rates and monthly payments can be calculated prior to signing the deal. As is the case with car loans, an individual’s credit rating ties in with their specific APR.

Another benefit that comes with the finance option is that owners can pay off their new golf carts earlier than their loan term stipulates. In the event that you come into any new money or experience a hefty payday, there is the option of wiping out any outstanding debt regarding your golf cart.

When it comes to financing a golf cart, it does not mean you have to always buy a brand new model. Used golf carts for sale also qualify for financing depending upon the dealer. Many people may assume that the term financing implies that they must purchase a new cart. That is not at all the case as some used golf carts can demand high prices. Often times though the car manufacturers will offer finance incentives that are only available on new cars.

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Photo: "USF Health in The Villages" by Ted Eytan (CC-licensed work)

Street legal golf carts are also available for financing and can function just like an automobile in some communities. Payments and loans regarding these type of golf carts also resemble the way transactions are completed with automobiles. A monthly car payment can be pretty much the same thing as your monthly golf cart payment.

Personal functioning golf carts, like those used for mainly cruising around, are not excessive to financing. There are many commercial and utility use golf carts that can be financed for business just as well. A business can benefit easily with standard, custom, higher capacity electric, or gas vehicles at their disposal with simply financing options.

Whether you are looking for new or used golf carts for your home, business, or recreational, Carolina Golf Cars has a solution for you. With a vast surplus of golf carts and excellent financing options, you could be driving away in your very own golf cart today. Ease your financial situation with a financing option that is right for you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Golf Carts Versatility

Golf carts have made their way beyond the golf course and are now being used in a multitude of ways. Here is a look at some of the professions and recreational activities that now rely on the use of golf carts.

Taylor-Dunn golf cart, Taylor-Dunn utility vehicle, Charlotte NC

Maintenance Workers

Many maintenance and janitorial workers get around with the use of golf carts. It has become so popular that there are now golf cart safety training programs for many maintenance and janitorial workers across the country. These training programs generally include operator training, operational procedures, safety policies and procedures in addition to much more.

College Campus Security

College campuses and even business campuses have turned to golf carts as a way for their security to navigate and patrol the premises. In fact, many of the college campuses that have proven to be safer are ones that employ the use of security golf carts. As a marketing strategy to prospective students, more colleges are promoting their use of security-driven golf carts as a way to show that their students are well protected.

Park and Forestry Services

It is not your normal golf cart that is operated by members of various park and forestry services. These golf carts are designed to go off road and fit into tighter places where vehicles cannot. Citizens are also able to operate golf carts in various state parks as each one adheres to its own set of rules and regulations regarding off road vehicles.

Sporting Events

Major and even smaller sporting events now employ the use of golf carts. Sports teams often use a golf cart as a way of transporting their mascots around. Inside a sporting event, golf carts help older or disabled people find their seats. There is also a widespread usage of golf carts among crowds gathering outside a sporting event as it is an easy way to travel through large groups of people.


Special needs passengers can benefit from airport golf carts, which are intended to make the flying process much easier. Many times, all air travelers need to do is call ahead and reserve a golf cart that will take them from the entrance through the security check, all the way up to their gate.

Countless people have discovered the many wonderful advantages of owning a golf cart for home and business. Once you have checked off enough reason to own one yourself, make sure you visit a trusted local dealership like Carolina Golf Cars. They offer a vast surplus of golf carts for all occasions and purposes, even golf cart rentals. Whether you decide to buy new or used, the experts at Carolina Golf Cars will go over your requirements and fit you with the right vehicle to suit your needs.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Golf Carts Are the Wave of the Future

Looking ahead to the future of driving, street legal golf carts are expected to play a big part in the world of transportation. Golf carts have evolved from being more than just a way of transporting golfers through an 18-hole course.

Some versions of golf carts are powered by electricity, which is a bonus when it comes to eliminating the need for high-priced fuel and it also contributes to a cleaner environment. The traditional name of golf carts is even being replaced.  NEVs (Neighborhood Electronic Vehicles) are rapidly gaining more popularity and becoming a more common term.

The use of golf carts is also expanding to more than just golf courses and senior living communities.  Golf cars are being used around the country as delivery cars and taxi services and are expected to become more mainstream as a type of local shuttle service.

North of the American border, many Canadian cities are becoming more densely populated and are seeking the alternative of either mass transit or smaller personal vehicles as a solution. In fact, small urban vehicles are perceived by many to be the way of the future in Canada.

Customizations, whether functional or purely appearance, have made golf carts something that can be very chic and cool. There are innumerable ways to personalize golf carts and that even applies to women. One look at social media sites like Pinterest will showcase hundreds of different golf carts for both women and men.

The bottom line is that golf cart use and popularity are both on the rise as these vehicles look to be the wave of the future.

Carolina Golf Cars specializes in all types of golf cart sales and golf cart repair. If you are in the market for one of many custom golf carts for sale, or a used golf cart for sale, there is something waiting for you at Carolina Golf Cars.


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