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Golf Cart Etiquette On the Course

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Golf carts used on the course

When operating golf carts, there are some unwritten rules of the road, even when those roads are unpaved. Here’s a look at some of the accepted forms of golf cart etiquette that drivers can take onto the course.

Stay clear of the fairways
A general rule is not to just cruise down a fairway in your rental golf cart in Charlotte NC. Another accepted rule is known as the 90-degree rule. Drivers are expected to drive alongside the fairway and then make a 90-degree turn when they come up to where their ball has landed, taking a perpendicular route.

Under construction
It is not uncommon to come across parts of a golf course that are being upgraded. When you see an area that is undergoing any type of repairs, drive around it. Your tires could damage some grass or turf that is in mid-construction.

Stay out of the sand
Sand bunkers can prove to be a problem area for more than just golfers. Not only is driving through the sand frowned upon, but it could also get you stuck.

Quiet please
Golf is a game of concentration, so remember to be mindful of other golfers while riding along a course. Try to avoid making any loud noises or pumping up the volume of your music.

Watch wet grounds
Wet ground is a prime candidate for damage due to the fact that the excess moisture causes it to lose some of its firmness. Tires could do a lot of damage to the ground when it is wet. Try to steer golf carts away from these wet patches.

Stay safe
More and more golf cart accidents occur each year, leaving drivers and passengers with all types of injuries. To avoid these issues, keep all limbs inside the cart when it is in motion, slow down on sharp turns, brake when going downhill, and try to always stay on the golf cart paths.

Stay behind
It is recommended that drivers always stay behind other golfers. Even when you are playing with another golfer who is walking, proper etiquette would be to never drive ahead and retrieve your ball first. It is also a danger to be way out in front of another golfer who is ready to swing.

Carolina Golf Cars provides a long line of new and custom golf carts for sale. That includes the top names in the industry, such as Yamaha, Club Car and E-Z-GO Golf Cars, street legal golf carts and much more. Golf cart repair, rentals and other services are all available at Carolina Golf Cars.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Getting familiar with your golf cart

Golf carts serve a variety of purposes and no matter what reason you have for owning your very own, it’s important to know the ins and outs. That means getting familiar with all the important terms and parts associated with a golf cart. This plays a huge part when it comes to buying, maintaining and servicing your golf cart in Charlotte.

Certain terms are pretty self-explanatory, but something like curb weight carries a different meaning. Curb weight is a term used to define the overall weight of the cart that is equipped with all the standard equipment. That includes a full tank of gas along with all the other necessary fluids, but it does not include any type of cargo. Dry weight is the term that refers to the weight of a car without any fluids or fuel.

Golf cart sales all require the buyer to choose an electronic or gas-powered cart. Electronic cars obviously have some different features and one of those is a controller. This is an important component because it makes it possible for power to travel from the battery to motor.

Some electronic carts are called NEVs, which stands for Neighborhood Electronic Vehicle. These qualify as low speed vehicles that are considered street legal golf carts. LSVs (legal street vehicles) are a little different in that they can be powered by fuels other than electricity. LSVs also require a top speed minimum of 20 mph.

In both electric and gas-operated cars, the wheelbase is the name given to the space that lies between the center of the rear and front wheels. And in carts with a bed, the cargo bed height measures the amount of distance that lies between the platform of the bed and the ground.

The drive system of a golf cart refers to the amount of wheels that receive engine torque all at the same time. Bore and stroke is another engine term that describes the distance traveled by the pitons in each engine cycle.

No matter what purpose a golf cart serves, it is recommended to obtain golf cart insurance. There are different policies that exist to protect drivers as well as their golf cars. A quick consult with an insurance agent will shed more light on the finer parts of this area.

Carolina Golf Cars is the leading distributor of new, refurbished and custom made golf carts. Featuring all types of golf carts for sale, our available choices are virtually unlimited.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things You Might Not Know About Golf Carts

Some people may have the impression that golf carts are just slow-moving vehicles that transport golfers from one green to the next. There are more uses and facts about golf carts that many people do not realize. Here’s a look at some interesting facts about the golf cart.

Golf Cart Etiquette

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Golf carts lined up at the course.
When playing on a course, there is an expected level of golf cart etiquette that goes beyond not driving like a maniac. Always remember to stay behind other golfers. Wet turf is also a problem area as it can cause carts to get stuck, or cause the turf to tear when being driven over. Try to avoid these wet spots. Some courses have a 90-degree rule which permits golfers to drive out onto the grass to retrieve their ball. However, golfers are expected to turn onto the grass at a 90-degree angle when they locate their ball and are not expected to just cruise up the fairway.

The World’s Fastest Golf Cart

Some people decided to push boundaries with their custom golf carts. The world’s fastest golf cart has now reached a whopping speed of 118 mph. The record time was recorded in November of 2014. While playing on the golf course, most carts are equipped with a governor which tops out speeds usually around 12 mph. But the golf cart has now notched a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with a blazing speed of 118.76 mph.

History of the Golf Cart

Golf carts were first introduced in the early 1930's as a means of helping disabled golfers get around the course. It was not until the 1950's that golf carts were mass produced and began gaining acceptance among golfers. However, people not fond of the idea labeled golf carts as the ‘arthritis special' during that era. These earliest models had only one tire in the front and two in the back. Big changes would not arrive until the 1970's and 1980's when gasoline powered golf carts hit the market. This came with the addition in most cases of a fourth wheel as seen traditionally in today's models. Still being built with the choice of gasoline or electric powered motors, golf carts today are more versatile than ever.

Carolina Golf Cars has established a long history of providing quality golf carts for sale. Custom-made golf cars are part of the long line of inventory along with new, refurbished and used golf carts. Selection and quality continue to go hand in hand at Carolina Golf Cars.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Golf Cars: Making the Rounds Beyond the Golf Course

There’s a compelling reason why golf carts are now more commonly termed “golf cars.” Originally the golfing enthusiast’s constant companion, these small utility cars have gone beyond cruising country clubs and golf courses; they have eventually made it to the streets and are used in various applications. Today, we see a lot of them making the rounds in major public roads in several states across the country, as well as in commercial and private vicinities.

The Most Common Applications of Golf Cars

Today, we see golf cars in all designs, models, brands and levels of performance. There are also custom golf cars designed to achieve a particular look or service. Many of golf cars are modified to look a lot like popular automobiles – only smaller, more space-saving, more economical and offer better convenience. Others are fitted with extensions and commercial attachments allowing for optimized and inexpensive land management or branded group transportation services.

Golf cars have become an essential part of daily life for many individuals and organizations. People have come to rely heavily on these products as the economical, convenient and practical utility cars that they are. Truly, golf cars can have a world of uses:

  • Easy and safe mobilization of persons with disabilities and senior citizens in self-contained communities and retirement areas.
  • Transport of people, equipment, produce and other goods within airports, spacious buildings, campuses, seminaries, dealerships, warehouses, farms, villages and other private or commercial properties.
  • Security patrolling and maintenance of the aforementioned properties
  • Convenient transport within construction site
  • Gardening and other yard work and navigate the entire vicinity conveniently.
  • Event transportation, such as in weddings.
  • Snow plowing.
  • Hobbies and recreation, such as 4x4 driving and off-road activities.

What the Law Says About Golf Cars on the Road

In 1998, when the number of electric-powered golf carts and small vehicles frequenting the streets like any other vehicle skyrocketed, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, operating under the Department of Transportation, promulgated the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 500 ((49 CFR 571.500).

Originally, the use of street legal golf carts and similar small vehicles were subject to local and state approval, as long as they did not exceed the speed limit of 20 miles per hour. Golf carts manufactured or modified to go faster than that are considered motor vehicles under the Federal law and should therefore comply with existing motor vehicle safety standards.

It was clear, however, that compliance with the motor vehicle safety standards under the Federal law was not feasible for golf carts and similar smaller vehicles. Consequently, the NHTSA reclassified golf carts with top speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour as “low-speed vehicles.”

LSVs are required under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 500 “to be equipped with headlamps, stop lamps, turn signal lamps, tail lamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, rear view mirrors, windshields, seat belts, and vehicle identification numbers” for safety purposes. At present, each golf cart should have a displayed warning label confirming that they cannot be driven on public roads at a speed of more than 25 miles per hour.

The Federal Highway Administration, as detailed in its Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, also allowed states to utilize warning signs about golf carts and other LSVs sharing the road with automobiles and other slow-moving transport utilities such as mopeds and bikes.

Presently, State laws govern on-road use of golf carts in their jurisdiction. Street legal golf carts, which are widely used at present in many places all over the country, should meet all safety equipment requirements, as well as operational and speed limits – in full compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 500.

Specifically, the government of the state of North Carolina has opened up these decisions and allowed each municipality to determine their own golf car street legal requirements; which do not have to adhere to federal guidelines on the subject. Make sure to contact a trusted local golf car dealership in your area to determine the best practices and guidelines for your neighborhood before making your purchase.

Talk To A Trusted Golf Cart Dealer in the Carolinas

Whom you speak to about your golf car needs will play a key role in finding what you are looking for. Trust only an experienced and expert team that can offer you an extensive fleet of new and custom golf cars to help you navigate your lifestyle and business.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Popular Golf Cart Add-On Features

There are several ways to enhance the look of your golf cart. Many different customization features can provide your cart with its own unique look. Here’s a glimpse at just a few of popular and innovative add-on features people are using on their golf carts from Carolina Golf Cars Dealership.

Upgraded motors
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Most golf carts are equipped with a governor that regulates its speed. In some instances that can enhance safety, but other times it can just slow you down. If you choose to operate your golf cart somewhere other than a golf course, you might need to get where you are going a little quicker. Upgrading your motor will keep you from having just another slow-moving golf cart with some added speed and torque.


Carolina Golf Cars, Golf Car Light, Replacement Lights for Golf Car

Operating a golf cart in a community can put drivers at risk. If your cart is anywhere near cars, it is important that you are noticed. Adding taillights, headlights and turn signals are excellent ways to maintain safety standards when operating a golf cart. Not only will it help at night, but it will enable your golf cart to be seen more clearly on overcast days, in fog and at dusk or dawn.

Painted Bodies

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Give your used golf carts a unique and fresh look by customizing the exterior with a new paint job. There is no reason you have to ride around on a golf cart that has a boring, plain color. Spice it up with different colors and designs as the customization process can truly make you stand out on the golf course. To make it pop a little more, go for the option of adding alloy wheels.

Golf Cart Windshield, Carolina Golf Cars, Golf Cart Windshields, Golf Cart Replacement Windshiled

A front windshield can help on early mornings when the weather can be a bit on the cool side. Windshields keep winds from rippling through you as you travel through a course. It is also a shield from random golf balls that might inadvertently come your way as a potential danger. Many of these windshields have a horizontal latch, which can be lowered to provide better visibility.

Carolina Golf Cars, Golf Cart Camouflage, Golf Car Sales, Camouflaged Golf Car Hood

Any hunter knows the weariness that can set in after hours of walking through the woods. Golf carts can now be decked out with camouflage to aid in hunting. You could enjoy riding in clearings while seeking out new spots to hunt. It enables hunters to cover a lot more ground and can also make hunts more successful. Your entire customized golf cart would be covered with camouflage, including the seat, tires, steering wheel and more.

Overhead Audio System
Carolina Golf Cars, Golf Cart Audio System, Golf Cart Speakers, Golf Cart Stereo System

Travel along with a clear sound of your favorite songs as part of your overhead audio system. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have access to your favorite music while on your golf cart. A radio seems almost like an essential in your car and it is not much different for many golf car owners. This can include radio, mp3 player or CD player.

Whatever kind of add-on feature you want to enhance the look of your golf cart, Carolina Golf Cars can help. We sell a wide variety of parts and accessories as well as custom golf cart parts. We also customize makes and models from all golf cart manufacturers. Get the unique look you truly want with a little help from Carolina Golf Cars.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Carolina Golf Cars Donates Custom Golf Cart to Kickin’ It Challenge

Carolina Golf Cars continues to stay active in the community and places an ongoing emphasis on charity. The company’s latest involvement with charity is helping in the fight against breast cancer. Carolina Golf Cars has done its part by donating a newly customized golf cart as part of the Kickin’ It Challenge which took place May 7-8th.

The Kickin’ It Challenge is a soccer tournament which brings together local businesses in an effort to raise money and awareness for Susan G. Komen Charlotte, a charity that contributes to local breast health services as well as national research in search of a cure.

On May 7th, festivities will be held at Manchester Meadows in Rock Hill, SC as the soccer tournament is expected to draw participants, spectators and sponsors from all over the Carolinas.

There will be a silent charity auction on May 6th as a prelude to the soccer tournament and that will be part of the Friday night kickoff party at The Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, SC. This is where the customized golf cart, donated by Carolina Golf Cars, will be auctioned off to benefit this worthy cause.

The Kickin’ It Challenge will take place on Mother’s Day weekend, a fitting time to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Carolina Golf Cars in Charlotte NC is humbled to be part of this event.

While Carolina Golf Cars has established itself as an industry leader throughout the Carolinas, its team is never too busy to participate in a selfless cause. Some of the technicians at Carolina Golf Cars spent a great deal of time customizing the golf cart that will be auctioned off at the Kickin’ It Challenge. The recipient will receive a quality golf cart with additional upgrades that make it truly stand out.

The funds raised by Susan G. Komen Charlotte will be used to further local breast health education, screenings, diagnostic services, and treatment support for uninsured and underinsured people in a local 13-county service area.

Carolina Golf Cars continues to stay involved throughout the year with various charity work that includes frequent donations and sponsorships within the community.

Carolina Golf Cars remains the No.1 place for new and used golf carts for sale. Customers looking for street legal golf carts or custom golf carts can find what they need at Carolina Golf Cars. Golf cart repair available on all makes and models.

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