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Not So Commonly Facts About The Golf Cart

Golf Carts have been around for decades and there are lots of interesting facts most people do not know about this kind of low-speed vehicle. Here is a look at some not so commonly known tidbits about the golf cart.

Golf carts actually paved the way for the creation of other kinds of personal transportation vehicles, such as NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles). The low cost and easy maintenance were two major selling points, not to mention affordability.

Golf carts save a lot of time and effort. Golfers who use a golf cart instead of walking through 18 holes of golf save themselves a walk of approximately four miles.

The gas vs. electric debate has continued for quite some time. However, most experts believe electric golf carts are better for golfers or short cruises through a community. Gas-powered golf carts are considered to be the best option for longer trips.

Golf cart drivers can receive a DUI if operating their cart under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Golf cart laws differ from state to state, but causing damage while driving under the influence usually subjects operators to the same penalties they would suffer if they were driving a car.

The most common serious types of golf cart injuries are concussions followed by neck injuries. These injuries are brought about most often by hanging outside the vehicle or by putting the cart in reverse while going downhill.

Golf cart insurance covers a wide array of areas, including collision, damage liability, uninsured motorist bodily injury, and there is even the option of roadside assistance. It is becoming more popular for every golf cart owner to purchase an individual insurance policy for their cart.

Almost half of all golf cart accidents are caused by someone falling out of the cart. Turning a corner at just 10 mph is enough to throw someone from the golf cart. Every year, there are approximately 10,000 emergency room visits caused by golf cart injuries. It is important to remember that most of these accidents are avoidable if basic safety guidelines are followed at all times.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Maintaining Your Golf Cart

Like most vehicles, buying a golf cart is not an everyday expense as the process could come with a costly price tag. Regardless of how much is invested in a golf cart, it is important to keep it in proper working order. Here are some helpful hints when it comes to maintaining your golf cart.

Battery Maintenance

Maintaining your battery is an important part of keeping your golf cart running efficiently. However, be careful not to overcharge your battery since that could cause damage. Using an automatic charger is the best way to charge your golf cart battery because it automatically shuts down once the battery has received a full charge.
Monthly checking of the batteries’ water levels is extremely important to ensure that the batteries do not die prematurely. Always check and add to the water level when they are fully charged.  Distilled water is recommended by all major battery manufacturers.

Wash Right

Just like cars, golf carts are going to get dirty with normal usage. It is important to use an automotive wash instead of something like dishwasher detergent or an ordinary household soap. There’s a need to use some type of cleaner that is designed for an automotive wash. Waxing is recommended occasionally, but it’s a good idea to stay away from waxes containing abrasive compounds.

Other Monthly Checks

You do not have to be a mechanic to perform some important monthly checks on your golf cart. Check your battery for any sign of corrosion, which can be eliminated with baking soda. Air pressure in the tires should also be checked. There should be a reading of 18-20 psi in four-ply tires and 30-34 psi in six-ply tires.

Clean the Windshield

Windshields are generally made of acrylic or polycarbonate, although Windex should never be used on either kind. Stay away from using paper towels as well. A soft cloth is best to clean a golf carts windshields and it is recommended to blot a windshield dry instead of wiping it dry. There are also cleaners that can remove smaller scratches in the windshield.

Brake Cleanings

Brakes are integral to any vehicle, especially golf carts. Brakes should be cleaned twice a year. That means cleaning the cables, drums and pads. A low brake pedal or squealing noises are also two signs that it is time for brake replacement.

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